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Programming, graphics, additional sounds:

Martin Varga a.k.a smartus, publishing as kulíš


Kevin MacLeod, incompetech.com

(CC-BY licensed music)



(CC-BY licensed sounds)


Android 2.2+

Release date

August 2013


Google Play Store (free game)


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I have started as Indie Game developer in April 2013, when I have bought my first Android tablet for $55. I was living in Malaysia at that time, working as Software developer, but I have always wanted to make a game. Because I work with Java, Android was an obvious choice.
I did not expect any success with my game, nor I expected to make any money. However I made the game as if it was my work. I wanted to be a learning experience and I did not want to slack. I have learned many things about game programing and creating graphic assets. I wanted to make all parts of the game myself except music, because I am not very talented when it comes to music.
I publish under the name "Kulíš" (hence domain kul.is) which means "pygmy owl" in Czech. It is one of my favourite animals.


Mr. Dandelion's Adventures is a casual free game (platformer) where you command the wind to guide the main character Mr. Dandelion through four colourful seasons on his travels. Your goal is to gather coins to gain high score and avoid dangerous traps. 


Mr. Dandelion started as a simple idea of a wind powered game with physics engine. It should have been a paper plane first, but there were too many paper plane games already. A flying dandelion seed was the next best thing. It took about three months of weekend work to finish all graphics and programming for first two seasons. As an Indie developer with a full time job, I have decided to relase the game incomplete to see the feedback and to get motivation to continue.


  • Free to play (with ads)
  • Simple controls - create a wind gust with sweep gesture, wind then propels Mr. Dandelion
  • Cartoon retro graphics - SNES style in HD
  • currently 42 levels, two seasons, summer and autumn. Winter and spring seasons planned with 42 more levels.
  • static and moving hazards, small puzzle element in autumn season
  • works with phones and tablets
  • pinch zoom
  • implenented using AndEngine and Box2D


"Charming and challenging. Game is looking better and better with each update. Challenging, fun to watch, pick up and play. The addition of birds and other moving things throughout the levels is a nice addition. Those birds get me more often than I'd like to admit. Keep up the great work."
-- Greg Balint on Google Play Store

"It's a pretty nice game! Huge props to you for making it look better than a lot of games in the Play Store while not having a lot of experience with graphics."
-- SnottyApps on reddit.com/r/playmygame


Android Assault (12/08/2013)

Future updates

Two more seasons are planned. They will be implemented if the game have success. The game received some good reviews on Google Play store from AndEngine community and reddit community, but it hasn't been reviews anywhere else yet (on a specialized website).


First promo video


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screenshot 3

High-res icon for Google Play Store, QR code

Martin Varga,
Aug 17, 2013, 7:49 PM